Fabric Selections
Custom, Limited Editions & Limited Supply

We offer a large variety of custom artist prints in cotton, poly blend, canvas & knit fabrics and faux leather bases.  Choose your favorite prints to be made into something one of a kind!

House Crests
H Crest on Grey Fabric
Red Grif
Green Snakes
Houses Stained Glass
Mischief Fabric
Love Specs Fabric
Luna Custom Fabric
Get Crests
HP Travel Train
Custom HP Purple Fabric
Winter Sisters
Custom Stripes Winter Fabric
Sisters Snowman
Monster Mash
Monster Mash 2
Bernie’s Beans Custom Fabric
Sully Spots Custom Fabric
Custom Cinfer Gabric
Cinder Mice on Purple Custom
Dis Fav Custom Fabric or Faux Leather
Classic Characters Bubbles
Blue Castle
Rainbow Clouds
Flying Elephant
Character Couples in Hearts
Potter Peeps
Vivid Rainbow Repeat
Rainbow Cloud Mountain
Rainbow Dots on White
80's Baby
Naturally Super
Galaxy Far Away Custom Art Print, Tim Burton Style
Humble Hands at Work
Measuring Up
Adorable Skunks Floral
Princess Lovely Locks
Words of Faith
Galaxy Cuties Ewok & Porg Party
Galaxy Far Away Stickers on Green
Galaxy Rebel Pilot
USA Armed Forces Dog Tags
Apothecary Wizard Potions
Tan Stripes HP Inspired
Wizard Characters Toile Print
Custom Wizard Shoppes
This Child Loves Mando
Chicken of The Galax-sea
Supers Shields Avenge
Sasquatch Social Distancer
6 Supers Spiral
Figment of the Imagination
Super Girls of DC on Pink
Adoryable Friends
Fishy Friends United
Fish Are Friends Not Food
HP Inspired Mashup on Purple
Cheshire on Purple
Dory on Turquoise Background
Cheshire & Rabbit on White
Dory Expressions
Classic Wonderland Pals
Wall-E & Eve Custom
Sully & Mike
Dragon Without Teeth, Light Fury, The Child & Alien 626
Surfs Up for Alien 626
Parade Balloons Fav Characters
Up & Away - House
Your Haunted Mansion Ghost Hosts
Sisters Snowman 2
Witches on Tan
Witches on Gray
Mouse & Friends Circle Buttons
Mike Sully Boo Crew
Diamonds Wonderland Inspired
Alice & Friends on Blue
Princesses & Horses
Villains Bold on Purple
Nemo & Friends on Light Blue
Jack S. Nightmare Dude
Alice, Cat & Clock on Light Blue
Cinder Mice & Sewing Notions on Grey
Mouse Emoji Stickers
Mouse Through The Years
Toy Friends on Light Blue
Snow's Seven
Pan & Pals Floral on White
CUSTOM Supers in 80's Movie Classics
Girl Power Super Style
Sonic - Video Game
Whales on Blue
White Swirls on Grey
Hula 626 Ohana on Light Blue
Snoop Gang on Gray
X-Ray View Skulls & Ribcage
Moth Spatter Clarice Inspired
Angry Green Hulky Guy
Cartoon Avengers
The Man Bat Logo
80's Style Man that is Super Logo
The Anti Hero
Man Bat Comic Action Sounds
Super Guy Flying
Super Dude Photo Shoot
Angry Green Hulky Guy Smash
Gotta Collect Them All Poke Cards
Blue Dragon Celtic Vibe
Dungeons & Dragon Green Dice
Dungeon & Dragons Colorful Dice
Friend Stuff
Poke Balls & Peeps
Cartoon Friends
Man He Is Super on Blue
Super Words on White
Animal Video Game on Green
Animal Video Game on Stripes
Super Bros on Gray Video Game
Crafting Mines on Green
Beachy Stitchy Palms
Comic Supers Black, White & Red
Comic Stacks Avenge
Witcher Wolf on Antiqued
Witcher Wolf Painted Background
Feline Aristocracy
Never Grow Up Characters in Stars on Grey
MOM!  Seagulls on Pink
MOM!  Seagulls on Blues
Villains Purple Background on Tarot Cards
Balalala Big Hero
Wizard Phoenix on White
You Are My Person Grey
This Is My Good Side Child on Green
Santa Baby - Classic
HP Crest on Pale Yellow
Cartooned Galaxy Characters on Grey
The Force Is With You on White
Wizard School
Colorful Mando Galaxy Helmet
Golden Snitch on Peach
Bad Crookshanks
Wizard Spells on Blue
Galaxy Far Away Characters on White
Claw of Raven House
Rapunzel on Pink Floral
White Owl & Brooms on Gray
Gold House Constellation on Dark Green
Nanny Christmas Goats
HP Quidditch Stained Glass
HP Train on Yellow
Daily Prophet Newsprint
DH Blue Triangles on White
HP Wanted Signs
Santa on Black Background
Galaxy Far Away Princess on Blue
Golden Snitch on Mint
HP Map of School Grounds
Belle Floral
Pin Up Super Women, Art by Tarusov
Sexy Galaxy & Avenger Super Gals
Quibbler HP
Haunted Mansion Characters
Clown Fish Stripes
Vader Circles on Navy
Friends Names on Black
Star Galaxy Words
Red Handkerchief
Sugar Skulls on Black
Galaxy Wars Kylo Sabers on White
Chibi HP Trio on Blue
Luna Specs & Stuff
Wonder 80's Woman on Blue
Galaxy Patches Squares
Tele Booth England
Rainbow HP Characters Logos Stacked
Spiritual Words
Hagrid & Friends
Mountain Life Camp
Princess Squares
Trio & Dog on Green. RARE UK Print
Magical World