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Journey into “vin-tiques” - bringing new life to classic sewing machines.

They are beautiful, but they look rather intimidating to a newbie. Turns out, the machines of modern era are so much more complicated to use, service and repair than a vintique. Vintage and antique machines were made to stand the test of time, to be serviced at home and to handle tougher jobs than the new domestics. They were made in a time when parts were metal, there are no plastic gears in these beauties. We hope that in sharing this journey with you, that you will want to include a vintique in your craft room or even replace that modern machine you already use! I honestly pushed my digital Janome MOD 100Q aside for a 1940’s Singer 15 and I doubt the Janome will see much action for some time. I’m am absolutely smitten with my Singer and it’s ability to power right on through multiple layers of fabric, interfacing and faux leather in my bag making.

A machine that makes our hearts sing. Meet the Singer, model 66 “red eye” circa 1920

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