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Life happens FAST and these sewing machines are reproducing!

Business 101, start small they say, grow with baby steps. Umm. NO! Who can help themselves when beautiful vintage and antique machines keep popping up all over the place? You can find them on curbsides, in friends and families dusty basements or garages, pushed back with the “junk” noone wants at the local thrift store and in many a yard sale. Maybe they were always there and we never looked. Whatever the reason, if you have the desire to do it yourself, to rehabilitate a machine or to polish it up and set it out for decor to admire, just ask around, you may be surprised what’s available.

So many people have these beauties wasting away in the basement or headed to the salvage yard. Gasp! I know! What a horrific thought! Our new slogan is “save the Singers”! We are proof positive that anyone can do this or at least sew with ease on the best running machines ever made. (authors opinion, obviously). Through experience, we’ve determined that without a doubt, the vintage machines with all metal parts will out sew, out last and outshine the modern plastic machines in all the ways that matter most. Why do we think they are better? They are built to last, as sewing machines were once a tool that every household had and used. They were made in a time where you didn’t simply toss broken things in the garbage, you fixed them, yourself, at home! Parts. After market and original parts are pretty easy to find, one search on the interwebs and you will find reasonably priced parts, a plethora of resource materials and how to videos on almost any problem a domestic sewer will come across, that can be resolved at home!

Granted, I was a skeptic, I watched in horror as my spouse disassembled a perfect, running, vintage Singer, just “to see how it works”. I needn’t fret long, his mechanical mind and creative abilities, turned a cute little machine into a killer Hot Rod! Check out the amazing 3/4 sized Singer 99, ”little guy” is the first of many vintique machines you will find for sale in our custom “Hot Rod” shop or other beautiful machines that are simply rehabbed to original glory.

The “Hot Rod” collections are some of the best made, vintage and antique Singer models upgraded with show stopping finishes. First, choose your model of choice from our curated collection of vintique Singers or enlist us to find your dream machine! The machine will be cleaned and serviced to like new condition, including any new parts, or rewiring needed and then professionally painted in any color you can dream of. Pearls, candies, shimmers, metallics, shifts, textured…

Step One: Choose your machine.

Step Two: Choose the custom machine color(s) you’d like.

Step Three: Choose handmade wooden base stain or paint color.

Step Four: Wait in eager anticipation for the most magnificent machine you will have ever laid eyes on and plan what you will sew with it first!

MORE INFORMATION COMING SOON, working hard to have the books open soon for people that want one of these under their Christmas tree this year. 🤩

The Humble Hands Family

Pictured is an adorable (¾ sized) Singer 99, the “lil guy” is nearing completion. He has a little more work before he is ready for the show room, but we needed to share this sneak peek!

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