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One of the most celebrated Haitian art forms, steel drum art is always a winner! Each piece is hand crafted from recycled 55 gallon drums using only a hammer and a few small tools that resemble railroad spikes. Each piece is a true work of art!

Dimensions: 22" in diameter


$99.00 Regular Price
$89.10Sale Price
  • "Handmade Haitian Metal Wall Art or Steel Oil Drum Art turns discarded 55 gallon used oil drums into detailed recycled wall art and amazing steel wall hangings.  A folk art form that began in Haiti in the 1950's, Haitian metal sculpture is now recognized throughout the world. Hand drawn, hand hammered and hand chiseled from discarded oil drums to create meticulously detailed steel wall art from some of the most talented metal sculpture artisans in Haiti."

    This art form is created with discarded steel drums.  "The lids from the steel oil drums are removed then filled with banana or sugar cane leaves the burned to remove the paint and prep the steel. Once the drum is cooled it is cut from top to bottom then flattened using body weight, pushing with feet and arms and pounded flat to create a metal canvas. A pattern is then drawn onto the metal sheet using chalk and cut and textured with basic hand tools such as hammer and chisel. Hand smoothing rough edges and beating out convex and concave shapes to give each piece life the intricate piece is then signed by the artist, boldly with a small chisel."  Source: One World Fair Trade